Excerpt from Mississippi Conference Office to;

Local Churches

In a recent press conference, state health officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs recommended that everyone continue social distancing and avoid large gatherings. Dobbs also reiterated the need to keep sanitizing hands and practice the proper wearing of a mask, which is making sure it covers both your nose and mouth. The pandemic task team is in agreement with these recommendations. Additionally, the team would like to reiterate our early guidance to pursue collaborative leadership and form a team that would regularly evaluate your congregation’s membership size, demographics, vulnerable attendees, surrounding community’s data and other ministry contexts that may play a role in your faith communities’ adaptation of this team’s recommendations. Always prioritize science-based data in your decisions. For example, there is public data on COVID-19 test positivity rates in nursing homes in counties across the United States that is published weekly. The counties that have less than five percent test positivity rate are classified as green. The counties with between a five and 10 percent test positivity rate are classified as yellow. Counties with above 10 percent test positivity are classified as red. From this example, red can be the threshold to stop in-person worship and gatherings and yellow and green are classifications where you decide how cautiously you want to proceed with in-person worship.

NOTICE To Pilgrim Hill UMC Members:

If we continue to re-open on Easter Sunday for our 11 am service. This will be a ‘limited attendance’ service and we must still observe the CDC Guidelines.

Wear masks
Socially distance
Sanitize upon entry and exit
No hugging or hand shaking
No choir singing

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